Frequently asked questions

Team discussion

How would I manage my site, when it is launched?

Well, when your site is launched, we would teach you to update various contents of your sites. Or, you can learn it while your site is being prepared. It is not that difficult to learn content entry and manage your site through the backend.

It varies on your requirements. Normally, a standard app with basic pages and designs can be made within the month. But, if you have a different idea and quite unique preferences then, it might take longer than that.

Yes, we do provide ongoing support, maintenance and updates. We know that in the process, your thoughts might change, some better ideas might be generated and more maintenance could be needed. That’s why we always get ready for such changes and demands.

Yes, in fact, we highly recommend that you begin by launching the simplest possible version of your vision first and continue to adapt it over time. By releasing a lean first version, you can test your assumptions and use this information to decide on the priorities of future requirements. It reduces engineering waste.

Yes. If you have a site or app with small resource requirements, then we can host your project on our managed servers. If you have specific hosting requirements, intensive resource demands, or require something more specialist, then we can set you up with your own dedicated, cloud, or load balanced hosting environment.

Yes, we do. Whenever we make any apps, we make them support both iOs and Android mobile applications. Cause we know the experience of using apps is very crucial for your clients. Your clients could be both iOs or Android users.

Digital marketing simply means online marketing. In simple terms, showing your work on any digital platform would be considered digital marketing.

We are good at both sectors. For web development, we have our own team of developers as well as designers. Correspondingly, we also have a separate team for handling digital marketing.

We have worked with so many companies like Mazda, Mechmoto, Kynd Scent, GVM (Global Vision Migration), Believe the HYPE, VINAKA, Ballin Beach, Empower personal Training, Avant Dental.

You can be really assured about the product quality. We have worked on dozens of projects and all of our clients have very satisfying results from us. We accomplish several tests during and even after the completion of the project. So that, you along with your clients would have a smooth web experience.

We can use different means of communication to consult about your project and work. You simply can use any social media to get in touch with us.

Websites are not just good for business. It shows the quality of your business and kinda set a profile of your own. And, today people trust websites more than Facebook.

Yes, you can if it’s not possible for you to come and meet us. But it would be more effective if we could have a talk in person rather than just sending the requirements and all. There could be more chance of unclear requirements to project managers and developers if you only insist on sending requirements. Thus, your expectations also might not be perpetrated as you wished.

To start any project, we first do a consultation with our clients and then discuss the needs and requirements of the happening project. After that, we make a proposal considering all the flaws and advantages and when it is approved, we start working on the project. However, completing all these processes depends on the client’s response. As soon as they are all clear about their requirements, we could also start the work.